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Illegal Bus:Keely Webb [Revamped! + Relationships] by sapphyst Illegal Bus:Keely Webb [Revamped! + Relationships] by sapphyst

 For Illegibilus :iconillegibilus:
 Feel free to hit me up with an rp, whether it be notes, skype, or gdocs!

Basic Info 

Name: Keely Mai Webb
Age: 14
Gender: female
 Height: 5'7"
Weight: 124.98 lbs
Birthday: September 1st
Nationality: British/Vietnamese
House: Gryffindork Gryffindor
Year: 4

Main Attributes
Personality: | Animal-Lover| Intelligent | Sneaky | Crafty | Bold | Loud | Sporty | Self-Confident |
Keely, being raised amongst a family of zoologists, has been very accustomed to living with animals and creatures of any kind. She loves them, and they love her in return. She knows exactly how to greet and care for each creature, so if you own a pet, it'll be guaranteed that she'll be all over your pet, cuddling with them. Because of her parents involving her and her siblings in their research, exposing the children to quite many objects, she's quite viewed as wise for her age. She knows a bunch of useless (but quite cool, nonetheless) factoids about a bunch of magical creatures and regular ones too! Her favorite subject is Care of Magical Creatures (no surprise), and Charms, which she excels at, to the delight of Nell, her little sister.
  Rules have never applied to Keely, and she loves to think of little loopholes to escape said rules. "You can't watch TV for a week!" "You never said computer!"  She's had a knack for being sneaky and she's really good as what she does. Her family, especially her older brother James, who had been the target for most of her tricks, was pleasantly surprised when she got into Gryffindor instead of Slytherin.
   Being born into a large family, she's always had to be bold and to the point. No use in sugar-coating things, that's what a family's for, right? She may scare some people off, but she prefers it that way. If they can't handle her at her 'worst', then they'd never make it as her friend. It's a great mechanism to find friends. She's a great gal, but kinda boisterous, thanks to her male cousins, and her thickheaded brothers.
   Because of the fact that her family is mainly made of boys, she's crazy into sports, especially American football. Quidditch is fine, but it's not as rough as football, which requires a bunch of tackling and muddiness, and in her opinion, it's the coolest thing in the world. She's super good with her hand-eye coordination, thanks to years of practice with James and Preston. Thanks to those idiots, she's also quite self-confident. To others, she might come off a bit egotistical and a (wee bit) of an arrogant asshole. But no worries, she'll reply and say sorry instantly, though only if she feels you deserve it.

"I'm sor-"
"What was that? I didn't hear you properly there, sis."
"Oh, bugger off. Nevermind."

History / Family Tree
 Keely was born to Arthur Webb and Elizabeth Webb, both zoologists to an extent. Since Elizabeth was a Muggle born witch, she preferred working with regular animals that Muggles were used to. Being from American roots (her parents had immigrated there), she had been enrolled in the Salem Witch Institute. She had met Keely's father when on a trip to England, where she was currently studying the migration patterns of a whale, to further her research. Arthur had been working on, coincidentally, marine life, specifically mermaids and their connection with the sea creatures, which brought the two together. It was love at first sight for the two and they immediately caught on with each other.
   After the two got married, they decided to settle in Ireland, a place where there were still bountiful lands and mysterious crags, full of life and animals so they would never be bored. Since obviously traveling was out of the question, they decided to host a wildlife sanctuary where they lived. The Webbs were quite influential, it seemed, and Arthur bought about 10 acres of land for their home and menagerie. As of now, they have a griffon in their care, several owls, a bear, lots of rabbits, a couple of owls, and one seal. Elizabeth delighted in caring for these creatures, they truly gave her life purpose. Arthur was just content to watch his wife frolic among their home.
   Growing up, Keely was excited to learn about the caretaking of these animals, and was often exposed to bloody or torn parts. It unnerved her for several months, but when she watched her father stitch them back together, she thought it just was a natural process of life; things were always going to get hurt, and it was her dad's job to fix it (that's why she's totally daddy's girl, but she'll never admit it). She never minded the hard work it took to take care of these animals, and although it broke her heart to release them back to the wild, it eased her heart and made it lighter. For although they left, she reminded herself that she gave them a second chance eat life, and that's all that matters.
    She often spent hours upon hours playing in the glen, a grassy field right next to her house. It was there where she lost her first tooth, and where she had learned to play Quidditch. She never had that many friends, living in a somewhat rural countryside. But she did go to primary school, where she met Alisha James, who would later become one of her great friends (they still keep in touch now).
    As a child, her magic was very uncontrollable. Whenever she got angry, little sparks erupted from her ears, which caused the unfortunate nickname of 'Sparky' (courtesy of James). Her mother told her it just meant that she was more vulnerable to emotion than anybody else. Honestly, that was fine with her, because she believed having lots of emotions was better than having none at all. She'd often lose her temper on the playground; kids often teased her friends, which wasn't okay with her. The last time she lost her temper was when one of the boys kept on teasing Alisha about her affinity for math. Unfortunately for the boy, he ended up in the mud, covered in who knows what. And that's when she got the letter from Hogwarts.
"Well well well, what do we have here? A gem, I'm sure - this will be a fun enigma for me to solve! You have the cunning and wit of a Slytherin, but you lack the deceitful and the ruthless passion it takes to become one. Interesting. You have the traits of a Puff as well - your father was one as well?! Quite loyal, m'dear, but I'm afraid you're way too brash to stay a demure and quite 'Puff. I'm sure you'll wither away if you're stuck in that house. Ah, well, that leaves no other choice - Gryffindor it is!"
     She was super excited, having heard tales from James, Preston, and Angus of this magical castle faraway in Britain. She left home without a second thought, but after all the excitement wore off, she became incredibly homesick. That's when James took her under his wing and began coddling her, making her laugh and have fun to forget that she wasn't at home. She never made any real lasting friendships during her first and second years; the main reason being James. Whoever wanted to be friends with her had to go through him first.
    Keely flew through her first, second, and third years, with amazing marks. She found classes extremely easy and understandable, which isolated her from the rest of those in her Year. Sure, she knew she was smart, but she knew that you shouldn't flaunt it. Instead, she spent her time mostly tutoring and in the library, finding time in between classes to spend out near the Black Lake. And maybe, just maybe found the time to throw in a few pranks as well. Since she was a top student, none of the professors ever expected a thing.
     She just hopes her fourth year will be as amazing, except with more friendships in her life.

Arthur Webb| 47 | Magizoologist | Former Hufflepuff | Half-blood |
Elizabeth Nguyen-Webb| 46 | Zoologist | Former Gryffindor | Muggle-born witch |
James Webb | 18 | Dragonologist | Former Gryffindor | big butthead |
Preston Webb |18 | Dragon Keeper | Former Gryffindor | bigger butthead |
Angus Webb | 16 | Current Student | Current Ravenclaw | biggest butthead |
Avanell Webb | 10 | Really wants to be a student | (hopefully) Ravenclaw | cutie patootie |

 Likes & Dislikes:
+ boys (shh don't tell her father, James, Preston, or Angus)
+ most animals
+ cuddling
+ warmth
+ sports
+ swimming
+ people
+ eating and sleeping
+ singing
+ reading
+ pranking unsuspecting victims people
+ the outdoors

- stuck up people
- people who don't like animals
- people who disturb her eating/sleeping
- creepy crawlies
- excessive amounts of PDA - "Keep it in your pants!" :icongengarseestooplz:
- Arturo. Just no.
- unresponsive people
- grumps/joy kills/ Debbie Downers

  Elective Classes
    "It's cool. And pretty easy, once you find the pattern. It's like a game, really!"
    Care of Magical Creatures
    "I love this class! Oh, and the thestrals, plus the griffins! Did I tell you we had to nurse a griffon back to health once! Yeah! I got to feed it and everything! I named him Rufus. He still visits sometimes."
    Extra Curricular
    Ancient Studies
    "I've always loved learning about history! Old dudes and dudettes, what more do you want?"
    Muggle Music
    " the bomb dot com."

Wand Ingredients
Core: Dragon Heartstring
Length: 12 3/4 inches
Wood: Oak
Flexibility: Fairly supple and flexible - it bends perfectly to the user's will and is quite more than adequate at Charms in particular.

   Leg-Locking Curse - Locomotor Mortis or Tuimeihuan
         - Locks the legs of a victim together, preventing them from moving independently of each other.
         - "Prank victims, beware." :iconheplz:
    Repairing Charm - Reparo
         - Causes a broken object to piece itself back together. In the case of containers, this will not replace anything that was held within. Wands, and most other magical items, can not be repaired in this manner.
        - "Breaking things is a habit of mine, if you haven't garnered."
    Episkey - Episkey
         - A simple healing charm, capable of restoring minor injuries. More serious afflictions require greater magic.
        - "Yeah, I get hurt a lot. If I had a dollar for every time I used this, I'd be one rich lady."
    Locomotor Charm - Locomotor
       -  Causes a specified object to move at the discretion of the caster, usually directed by movements of the wand.
       -  "When I'm too lazy to get something, the spell is freaking awesome!"

 Additional Information:
- Keely knows how to speak Vietnamese fluently
- she loves her mother's grandparents more than her father's
- Asian food, especially pho, is the bomb dot com
- she loves to swim, because it clears her mind
- she rarely gets sick, and when she does, it's a full-blown coughing and hacking and bunches of snot. It's not pretty
- really good at flirting - her brothers taught her everything she knows - so watch out all you people, she'll charm the heck outta you!
- Muggle books are her favorite reads, especially The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater
- can play almost every sport, except cricket, because it's way too complicated for her to understand

Badges and Trophies earned
April Fools 2014 Badge by row 1000 House Points by row Blood Moon Badge by row

Voice:  Ruth Negga
Face claim: Mylene Jampanoi


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